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Rebirth For You: Lycoris Recoil JPN Booster Box

Rebirth For You: Lycoris Recoil JPN Booster Box

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  • The popular anime [Lycorice Recoil] is now available in Reverse!
    - There are many cards that allow you to enjoy the combination of two people, such as multiple recordings of [& Card] where two people become one card, and [W Combo] where two people can use a reverse combo from one reverse card. Recording!

    - Scheduled to include a gorgeous stamped sign card by the voice actors!
    - Chika Anzai (role of Senzoku Nishiki)
    - Shion Wakayama (role of Takina Inoue)

    * Multiple types of cards are included for both names.

    [Neo-standard construction category]
    - You can build a deck with only card numbers that include [LR].

    [Number of card types]
    - Normal: 100 types
    - Parallel: 100 types

6 cards in 1 package & 10 packages in 1 box.